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About Shirley Broun

Shirley Broun was not always in real estate. She spent much of her working life as a journalist, including several editorships and a successful 10-year period as Proprietor and Managing Editor of her own national award-winning publication in the entertainment industry.

The challenge of a new career enticed Shirley into the real estate field, an interest that was sparked by three years reporting exclusively on the real estate industry in Western Australia.

Her entry into Real Estate began in 2006 when she worked for a National real estate group. Her focus was on new Investment Properties and her efforts saw her awarded Runner-up Consultant of the Year after achieving seven property sales in one day.

After successfully gaining her Full Qld Real Estate Licence, Shirley then extended her residential real estate knowledge and experience by working with local real estate agents selling residential properties on the Gold Coast.

Her aim has always been to provide good, old-fashioned personalised service to her clients. She didn’t just want to sell property for the sake of it. Rather, her joy and sense of achievement came from fulfilling her client’s requirements to the best of her ability and seeing a smile on their face at the end of the transaction.

She believes everyone is an individual and should be treated as such. They each have their own sets of property goals and requirements and these and any concerns should be fully understood before proceeding with any business transaction.

“Clients deserve the best possible service at all times,’’ she says.

As a result, her focus is on assisting buyers and sellers with their property needs encompassing residential sales and investment properties. Free no-obligation in-home consultation or appraisals are all part of her service and she welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust and provide the best possible service to help you achieve your property goals.

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