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Harry Singh

Real Estate Agent

Gatton Qld

About Harry Singh

Before migrating to Australia from India in 2011, Harry (Harprit) has been working in the education sector. He has been running and managing education consultancy and helping students to choose the right career.


After migrating to Australia, Harry has done some odd jobs before he was trained in the construction industry as a Carpenter. Since then he has been working closely with property developers and real estate consultants and understood real estate industry while he invested in residential properties across NT and QLD.

Recently he completed his certificate in realestate and started his career as a sales consultant.

Harry loves to talk with people from different background and culture and goes the extra mile to help them. He can speak Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and English.

Contact Harry

ph 0404 757 000


  • Gatton and surrounds

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