Rob Faulkner

Real Estate Agent

North Sydney

About Rob Faulkner

Equipped with more than three decades of local real estate experience  Robert Faulkner's reputation, expertise and outstanding results have led to exceptional customer loyalty and widespread industry respect and recognition. 
A Law and Economics graduate from Sydney University, he possesses an invaluable platform for dealing with property matters and boasts a depth of knowledge. 
 Continually inspired by the varying challenges of every sale, Robert remains evergreen, dynamic and driven to achieve the best possible outcome.  
With a reputation of providing his clients with a quality experience in property service, Rob has achieved award winning success at all levels and received industry recognition for his high level of integrity, attention to detail and negotiation skills. 
Rob continues to provide concise, knowledgeable and thorough guidance to his clients covering all facets of the buying and selling process.  
Robs comprehensive experience includes residential apartment and home sales, property management, site amalgamation, new development acquisitions and off the plan project marketing. 
With an underlying emphasis on consultation and being firmly focused on the needs and expectations of his clients,  
In a highly competitive industry where professionalism, quality service and results are in high demand Robert consistently excels and testimonials from previous clients form a most powerful critique. 
      "Through the listing process up until the exchange, we were made to feel relaxed and confident that we had made the right decision."         "When we first met you we felt very positive and trusted that we could put the house in your hands. Your lengthy experience in the industry, combined with your easy going manner made a potentially stressful period seem less so." 
      "You have shone high above other agents I have had dealings with and you far exceeded my expectations”   “You were polite and professional in your approach, which made the transition from one property to another property so much easier for the entire family. In our opinion you could not have delivered a more efficient service.” 

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