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Selling A Home - The Process

  • Price

  • Presentation

  • Promotion

  • Negotiation


Let us help you navigate this maze we call the Selling Process

It's really important that the price is right on commencement. A thorough analysis of listings and prior sales is the best way to be sure of this step.

Request a free detailed analysis of sales, listings and other relevant data for your property.


First impressions are often the most lasting. Attention to detail is important in getting top price.

Because we live there we may not notice small issues that may make a big difference. Request our free 120 Tips Ebook


Listing on plus a number of smaller sites guarantees a wide exposure for your property.


Your home is your castle. It can be confronting when a buyer makes an offer at a lower price than you expect. That's where our experienced and knowledgeable Agents really shine. We work for YOU and we take immense pride in achieving a great result

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